World rhino day

29 September 2017

On the 22nd September it was World Rhino Day. A day for the rhinos. Organisations around the world got their message out and all of them were along the lines of LEAVE OUR RHINO ALONE and that it is everyone’s responsibility to look after these creatures. I hope awareness of rhino poaching is spread far and wide.



Damien Mander from the IAPF posted a video that said “The rhino is a keystone species. It is the hardest animal to protect on this planet. It is the animal that poachers are willing to go to the greatest lengths to kill. When we develop and implement strategies that look after rhino, everything else in that ecosystem is being looked after.”

Watch the full video below.

The IAPF is an organization we support as they are on the ground fighting the war. They are at risk daily and do it all to save these amazing creatures. We need to help them help the rhino!


How can you help??


You can donate here:


You can buy the best coffee ever- RhinoHorn Coffee- funds are donated to the IAPF.



By signing up for the IAPF’s Green Army, you’ll be joining us here on the frontline of conservation. Members will be integrated into the lifestyle of an anti-poaching ranger.

This means heading out on patrols with our rangers, checking for snares and ensuring the integrity of the property is kept. As custodians of number of black rhino this is a task we don’t take lightly.  During patrols you’ll learn bushcraft, botany and tracking with our experienced scouts whilst getting up close and personal with Africa’s wildlife.

In line with experiencing a ranger’s life, the camp, although comfortable, is a working camp. Members are required to pull their own weight with daily duties and tasks.

It’s hard work, but you’ll be able to say that you have helped us conserve some of Africa’s most pristine wilderness and wildlife. Many people come armed with a wealth of skills and experience while all others have is a strong passion for doing what’s right: protecting wildlife.

The Green Army initiative is an important means of funding for the IAPF, meaning we do charge for the experience but the cost is treated 100% as a donation towards the cause. It enables us to maintain our training free of charge for rangers working in protected and volatile areas. This is the only way we have a chance at recruiting, training and maintaining the highest skilled rangers to protect our wildlife and wilderness.

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Email us at [email protected] for more info

Please help us by spreading the world about rhino poaching!!

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