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Mission: Save the rhinos!

12 Juli 2017

Amazing, inspiring, life-changing.

Guest Name:

Susan Gilles

Time of travel:

June 2017



Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa


Safari type:

Rhino Conservation Tour


3 words to describe your trip?


Amazing, inspiring, life-changing.


Why did you decide to go on a rhino conservation safari?


I have been passionate about wildlife especially rhinos for a while now. I wanted to get involved somehow other than online. I wanted to be on the ground actually doing something and seeing what is actually being done to save them. I feel we all are here sharing this planet and we all need to do our part to save it.


Do you feel through the safari that we have made a difference?


I feel I did make a difference but it is hard to feel like you are ever doing enough. It is a war against poaching and it is never-ending.


Name your favourite activity and why?


The notching was such an up close and personal experience and hard to top. Putting my hands on a wild rhino was precious – a moment that I’ll always remember and likely not get to do again.


What was your best wildlife encounter?


The walking through the bush and seeing animals so close makes you feel so vulnerable. The Rangers we were with were incredible!

Why would you recommend a conservation safari to others?


It is a great way to give back and see for yourself what is being done.

How was your experience working with SAFARI FRANK?


Wonderful! They are very accommodating and provided such an intimate African experience.


Where is next on your Africa bucketlist?


Botswana with SAFARI FRANK!



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